Fox Whistle


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Beautifully crafted natural black serving boards from Fox Whistle. 

A completely natural reactive process brings to the surface the inherent tannins within the wood itself;  no pigments, dyes, stains or chemicals are used.  The wood is therefore completely food-safe and durable.  The depth of colour is a stunning backdrop for food which really 'pops' when presented. 

Some variation in colour is of course to be expected, as with any natural product, as the depth of the colour depends on the composition of each piece of timber.  Depending on usage, the wood will develop it's on unique patina. 

Please do not leave citrus foods or tart berries on the boards for longer periods of time as they may effect the natural finish

Sizes (including handle) approx

small - 42cm x 20cm

medium  - 60cm x 20cm 

large - 75cm x 20cm