The Two Throwers

Oh My Majesty Board

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Beautifully organic Oh My Majesty Board from the Two Throwers.

The beautifully talented Lydia from The Two Throwers forms each piece by hand allowing every creation to be wonderfully unique. No two pieces are ever the same which only adds to the beauty. 

Approx Dimensions 38cm x 27cm x 0.5cm 

Care Instructions:

- Warm soapy water preferred

- Dishwasher safe. Occasional use preferably

- All glazes used are food safe

If your article is suitable for heating please follow guidelines below:

- Microwave oven safe

- Oven use please note: To prevent the article against thermal shock which may lead to breakage or cracking, always place the article in the oven during preheating. Never subject the article to extreme temperature change. Despite the items being fired to 1280 degrees celsius the article cannot be guaranteed against cracking or breakage.