Senger Naturwelt

Organic Cotton Goose - White Small

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The most loveable cuddly goose by Senger Naturwelt is sure to be your little one's new best friend. Handmade from natural organic materials, this beautifully made toy also double as a gentle heat pillow featuring a small removable cotton cushion filled with cherry pits which can be gently warmed and then returned to the zippered pouch. Outer made with organically grown cotton and the head and feet are filled with pure lambswool.

Approximately 47cm x 37cm x 11cm

Senger Naturwelt's experience has shown that the first toy in your life takes a very special place and is not replaceable. Senger products are not only cuddly toys, they are a piece of very good, authentic and loving handwork with great sensitivity to the level of manufacturing and the quality of the selected materials.

We hope you can also find a “Senger friend” for life and wish you a lot of fun with our faithful companions.