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Your Plate & Fork - Blush

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I am so excited to bring you the newest addition of Foxx and Willow's silicone feeding range which is sure to be the next step in your childs introduction to food journey,

In collaboration with friends at Bella Zailea, the exclusive “Your Plate + Fork’ sets are currently available in popular bowl colours, Dusty sage, Cinnamon and Blush with a gorgeous matching wooden and silicone fork. The buttery soft and squishy fork ensures a gum-friendly experience and no tears or mishaps from metal cutlery.

With the additional feature of super strong suction makes this plate + fork set one-of-a-kind on the current market. 

And just like the bowls, the plates are

  • Made from high quality, food grade, BPA free silicone that is dishwasher safe and microwaveable. YES!
  • Full silicone suction base for extra sticking and less spilling
  • Currently available in 3 fabulous colours.

How to use the plate:

Clean surface to prepare for bowl application (this is imperative.  The plate simply won't stick to a surface that is not clean and dry)

Apply plate to surface by pressing down on the plate edges and center, check suction.

To remove the plate simply lift the edge of the suction base on the easy lift tab.

How to care for your plate + fork:

Your plate is safe to clean in warm/hot soapy water or top shelf of the dishwasher..

As your fork has a wooden handle it requires extra care + lovin'.  Avoid submerging into water, simply clean the silicone in soapy water and wipe down handle. Allow to air dry.

It is recommended applying a coconut oil regularly to the wooden handle.